2018 Project

Max Dean : Still Moving

Artist: Max Dean

Location: Unilever Soap Factory

The ongoing, ever changing and developing narrative of Max Dean’s work will have “The Figures” discover the amazing “funnel” room at the Lever Soap Factory where they will build a giant soap bubble making machine. The work will consist of two parts: installations in the Funnel Room and work in the connecting Silo.

Max Dean is an artist who works with ideas, concepts and emotions visually. His kinetic and interactive sculptural installations are exhibited and collected internationally. Trained as an art historian Max’s work reflects his comfort and ingenuity in working and mixing both digital and analog technologies. One of his best know artworks the Robotic Chair, a generic-looking wooden chair with the capacity to fall part and put itself back together will be featured as part of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry exhibition Robot Revolution. Max is a recent recipient of the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts. Max Dean teaches at Ryerson University and is represented by the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

The interior installation will be open to the public from Friday to Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm from May 4, 2018 to June 3, 2018.

A must see!