Mission Vision Values

PIA Mission

We champion contemporary art, artists and organization to provide thoughtful perspectives on our world.


PIA Vision

We live in a society where art is valued and understood as an integral component of the human condition: our communities, our economies, and our environments.


PIA Values

  • Placing a high value on the education of our members and the general public. PIA believes that by educating its members, it produces better contemporary art projects and a larger population of art supporters.
  • Involving and engaging members
  • Providing leadership development and mentoring for our members
  • Being volunteer driven and having committed members
  • Having a willingness to support groundbreaking projects. Being visionary.
  • Seeing collaboration as a driving force in art projects
  • Remaining independent (financially and by not being aligned with any single institution)
  • Always supporting an open dialogue and exchange of ideas
  • Being responsive to extraordinary, creative ideas
  • Being nimble and risk-takers
  • Being transparent

PIA Primary Beneficiaries

  • The general public for the cultural and educational opportunities made available by PIA projects
  • The art community in Canada — including artists, curators, art educators, art critics, art dealers — for the funds raised in support of the visual arts
  • The city of Toronto for the cultural capital that can be generated by the projects supported by PIA