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Stitching my landscape | Broder mon paysage

by Maureen Gruben

Rising up from the shores of the Beaufort Sea, the Pingo Canadian Landmark area near Tuktoyaktuk (NWT) has provided wayfinding for Inuvialuit travellers for centuries — not to mention lookouts for spotting caribou, whales, and other wildlife.

Wholly unique to the Arctic, these enormous ice-filled hills have seen the changing realities of Indigenous peoples, the arrival of the whalers, and the consequences of our crisis in climate. For LandMarks2017/Repères2017, artist Maureen Gruben explores this landmark (which is cooperatively managed in accordance with the Inuvialuit Settlement Agreement) and its legacy of change, drawing on local knowledge of ice conditions to drill ice fishing holes on either side of the channel surrounding Canada’s highest pingo — the Ibyuq Pingo. The artist references Inuvialuit delta trim pattern that’s often used to decorate parkas, stitching through the ice with red broadcloth that zigs and zags across the ice. These acts of adornment are used in textiles and regalia as a means of celebrating and enhancing their beauty. For Gruben at the Ibyuq Pingo, they are also about relating with, reflecting on, and ultimately valuing the land.

Limited edition photo digital prints

Maureen Gruben personally selected a limited edition of 5 photo digital prints (only 10 of each) from her ‘Stitching my Landscape’ project. Hand-signed and numbered.

Above 3 prints are still available for purchase.

$750 each, proceeds will be going to PIA, LandMarks2017/Repères2017.

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Wanderer: (re)Markings | Le flâneur : (re)marquer

by Douglas Scholes

The Wanderer: (re)Marking project by Douglas Scholes portrays the Lachine Canal as an entity experienced by the figure of the Wanderer, embodied by the artist and a group of contributors. Presented June 15–25, 2017 along the Lachine Canal as part of the LandMarks 2017/ Repères2017 project commissioned by Partners in Art . The Wanderer project includes performative walks, in situ sculptural interventions, films, and works produced by composers Atobop, writer Daniel Canty, sound artist Christian Carrière, visual artist Felicity Tayler and film makers Les Best Boys.

Wanderer Time Capsule 2017

To mark the project interactions with the Lachine Canal National Historic Site, the Wanderer Time Capsule 2017 has been created with these project elements :
Beeswax Bollard Replica Douglas Scholes
Wandering the Lachine Canal: Four Seasons Douglas Scholes performative walks as captured by Paul Litherland.

Wanderer: (re)Marking | Le flâneur : (re)marquer DVD and flipbook by Douglas Scholes in collaboration with Les Best Boys

Pièces pour cinq écluses / Pieces for Five Locks, hand-cut limited edition 12” vinyl record with print out of full musical score by ATOBOP

La fréquence de résonance de l’histoire / History’s Resonant Frequency, hand-cut limited edition 7” vinyl record of soundscape by Christian Carriere

Mademoiselle Manivelle, a 96- pages book accompanied by the English and French excerpt “A Treatise on Gloop” by Daniel Canty, with Gloop sample

Submerged, surfacing, retrieved. Aléas du repêchage et mémoires des perceptions, a tourist map by Felicity Tayler.

For more detail about the time capsule, please click here.

The Wanderer Time Capsule 2017 has been produced in a limited edition of 10 priced at $3000.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Partners In Art.

For more information or to order the Wanderer Time Capsule 2017 contact Douglas Scholes

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