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ArtTracks150: Call for Curators (Deadline Extended until July 31)

A project in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, ArtTracks150 is imagined to give the future generation of Canadian artists the opportunity to engage with communities, its residents and Canadians from across the country to come to a deeper understanding of what Canada is and can be.   For curatorial calls please see below.






General information about the project:

Canada has a rich history of representation of natural environments, landscape art and a wellspring of indigenous cultural knowledge. Canada is celebrated at home and abroad through artistic explorations of landscape traditions, from the works of the Group of Seven and Emily Carr, to Inuit art and cinematography of Zacharias Kunuk. ArtTracks150 builds on this Canadian artistic heritage to engage Canadians in an exploration of and dialogue about nature through the lens of cultural and artistic diversity that embraces the indigenous understandings of place in the twenty-first century.


Initiated by Partners in Art (PIA) and shaped in dialogue with Parks Canada, Trans Canada Trail, OCAD University and the Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans (CAFAD), ArtTracks150 will generate an unparalleled set of national events and artworks that will be created in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.


What — ArtTracks150 will create a series of contemporary art collaborations between art students, curators, artists and individuals in communities across the country. These groups will collaborate in artmaking, learning and rediscovery of the relationship between nature and culture through artistic expression. Collaborations may include: performances, site-specific installations and sculptures, pop-up art exhibitions, interactive and online media works.  The art students’ involvement is realized by a uniquely designed university art curriculum, titled Canada150. This course will be offered simultaneously at fine arts universities across the country, to engage our future generation of artists in the creation of art and new knowledge about Canada.


How — Four acclaimed curators will guide, oversee and coordinate the contemporary art collaborations and foster a nationwide dialogue. An innovative interactive digital media and online interface that is specifically created for this occasion (www.ArtTracks150.ca) will allow Canadians from across the country  to participate in this dialogue from anywhere, at any time.


Where — On the ground, in 13 selected sites in Canada’s national parks, heralded as some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, and in communities along the 17,000km of Trans Canada Trail. Online, through a series of interactive, digital experiences and data visualization.


When — January to June 2017; culminating in ArtTracks150 Week centered around National Aboriginal Day and the summer solstice on June 21, 2017.


Innovative Features of ArtTracks150


  • Dynamic participation of Canadian art universities through the creation of the Canada150 curriculum with unique opportunities for learning, mentorship, research and creation of new knowledge that embraces deep respect for the environment, ecological awareness and preservation of Canada’s national landscapes
  • Leading media and digital interface that is specifically created for this occasion, to invite Canadians from across the country to participate in the creation of online art
  • Contributions by indigenous scholars, researchers and artists will provide new perspectives on landscape, nature and diversity of cultural practices
  • Engagement between media and communication faculties and Mitacs supported graduate students to generate data and visualize a new ArtTracks150 cultural map of Canada
  • The innovative cultural infrastructure and multi-dimensional participatory interface of ArtTracks150 will generate new jobs, promote cultural tourism and deepen our understanding of Canada through direct interaction with artworks.




  • A national dialogue fostered through artistic expression and collaboration of what Canada is and can be
  • Creation of culturally authentic and accessible works of contemporary art and a national interactive, digital art project
  • A new Canada150 art curriculum designed to continue in fine arts universities beyond 2017 that will lead to national student exchange, research projects and experiential learning
  • A book publication and contemporary archive of the project including the multiplicity of voices, stories and cultural contributions of Canadians from coast-to-coast
  • A data visualization map that represents the power of Canadian art creativity across the country, using real data sources.


ArtTracks150 aspires to generate both a unique and unifying national experience and dialogue that will inspire Canadians and generate a lasting legacy for re-imagining the future of Canada.