Tatzu Nishi Q + A


Known for urban interventions using public monuments, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi was commissioned by Prefix to create Life’s Little Worries of Sir Adam Beck. It debuted in September 2018. PIA was one of its funders.

Kent Monkman Q & A

Toronto, December 18, 2018

Artist Kent Monkman engaes his alter-ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle to disrupt preconceived notions of history and Indigenous people

Nabila Abdel Nabi Q & A

Toronto, November 26, 2018

Nabila Abdel Nabi is curator of Karla Black’s first solo exhibition at The Power Plant which is running in Toronto until December 30. PIA is one of its funders.

Ilana Altman: Q & A

Toronto, October 26, 2018

Director of programming at The Bentway, Altman recently worked on Daan Roosegaarde’s Waterlicht installation (Oct. 12-14) which PIA helped fund.

Sabrina Russo: Q & A

Toronto, September 24, 2018

Russo is director of Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art which commissioned Tatzu Nishi’s public art project Life’s Little Worries of Sir Adam Beck running Sept. 5-30. PIA is one of its funders.

Karen Kraven: Q & A

Toronto, August 16, 2018

Artist Karen Kraven works in photography, sculpture and installation. Her public sculpture Pins and Needles is currently on display at the Toronto Sculpture Garden until September 15, 2018.

Artrageous 2008

Toronto, November 14, 2008

Partners in Art Raises over $120,000 in support of the Power Plant’s Commissioning Program