2018 Project

Anne Low & Evan Calder Williams: A Fine Thread of Deviation

Artist: Anne Low & Evan Calder Williams

Curator: Julia Paoli

Location: Toronto

Partner: Mercer Union

Duration: 15 September – 3 November 2018

A Fine Thread of Deviation is the second of a three-commission series between PIA and Mercer Union that are taking place over 2017, 2018 and 2019.

This exhibition picks up from and radically revises Anne Low and Evan Calder Williams’ collaboration A Fine Thread of Deviation, first presented at ISSUE Project Room, New York, in 2016. In an exploration of continuous experimentation, Low and Williams will reimagine the dynamics and tendencies of their collaborative work and materialize it wholly new.

A Fine Thread of Deviation is a collaborative textile, video, sonic, and linguistic work that centers on the intersections between a screen and its projection. At its heart is a projection screen woven on a loom by Anne Low and with a pattern co-designed by Low and Williams. This screen and its pattern form the structure of the video and sound work shot and assembled by Williams, less a film than an animated graphic composition that draws from the histories of weaving, capitalism, technical systems, and landscape.

The exhibition at Mercer Union will pull apart and compose this project again from scratch, in an attempt to truly treat the screen as an interface – that is, a point of condensation and transfer between two or more potentially incompatible forms and currents. Projected upon a new screen woven by Low, will be a new text-based video work by Williams, exploring the interstices of text, textile and trodden landscapes. The iterative nature of this project reflects the artists’ approach to objects or materials kneaded with time as permeable, malleable embodiments of history. The collaborative project transforms the main gallery into an installation, itself an interface for temporal marks made by the movement of bodies through space. Meanwhile, the back gallery acts as a literal “backspace”: it will house new sculptures created by Low, foregrounding the provisional dimension of the exhibition.

Presenting a newly commissioned project by Low and Williams, this exhibition marks the duo’s first collaborative presentation in Canada. The exhibition is curated by Julia Paoli, Director of Exhibitions and Programming at Mercer Union.