2018 Project

Yoko Ono: The Riverbed

Artist: Yoko Ono

Curator: Meredith Chilton

Location: Toronto

Partner: Gardiner Museum

Duration: February 22 – June 3, 2018

Through creative metaphors and active participation of the public, Ono invites the viewer to contemplate how we are all joined together and how we can better understand how these connections can help heal the world. Yoko Ono: The Riverbed comes with a profound message of social activism and personal reflection, at a time of renewed interest in Yoko Ono’s work. In the last few years, her pioneering role in conceptual art, experimental film, music and performance art has come to be more fully acknowledged. This three-part installation was first installed at the Galerie Lelong and the Andrea Rosen Gallery in 2015/2016. This Gardiner museum exhibit was the second reinstallation of the work. Partners in Art was the presenting Sponsor for the exhibit.