Johnson’s photographic objects mock the tradition of high and low art

May 26, 2019Member Education

This year Partners in Art held a spring social and education for members and donors at the Stephen Bulger Gallery. The event coincided with the opening of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival and Bulger’s exhibit This Land by Canadian photo-based artist Sarah Anne Johnson.

Johnson says she experiences the forest as a spiritual place.  She sees the dappled light as being similar to the light that would pour through a stained-glass window. Johnson’s search for the sublime is shown almost ironically as she fuses contradictions including, high and low art, two and three dimensions, sincerity and mockery. 

Members who attended were not only treated to the main floor exhibit of Johnson’s work but were also given special tours of the basement where Bulger stores an exclusive collection of work by his talented roster of artists.

Johnson’s work attempts to bridge the gap between psychology and place.

The current exhibition can be seen until June 15.