PIA’s waitlist is open. Email us at to fill out a self-identification form and join the waitlist today!

Waitlist Priority

Over the last year, PIA’s waitlist has been paused to consider equity and inclusion within PIA’s membership. Various committees have been working diligently, in tandem with external equity leaders, to create a comprehensive plan aimed at increasing the inclusivity of our membership to better reflect the communities in which we live, work, and support.

To further these initiatives, priority on the waitlist will be given to folks that self-identify as a member of one or both of under-represented groups below:

  1. IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour)
  2. Next Generations (Under the age of 45)

These groups will be placed at the top of the waitlist. 

PIA welcomes anyone and everyone with an interest in contemporary art to join the waitlist.

PIA’s membership capacity is dependent on availability from year to year. Capacity will be communicated to the waitlist prior to annual intake in January. 

If you have an interest in hearing more about PIA or joining, please contact

Why Join Partners in Art?

PIA members are committed to funding and promoting contemporary Canadian visual art via educational and social events, trips, and internal initiatives.

If you are interested in joining PIA, email us at to fill out a self-identification form and join the waitlist today!

Benefits of Membership

Annual dues of $1,000 give members a variety of opportunities:

Engaged volunteering:  Volunteer committees decide which projects to fund (via PIA’s Project Development Committee), organize educational events, trips, fundraising events and much more. PIA depends upon dedicated and skilled volunteers.

Art education events: PIA members are offered 2-6 events each month in the hopes of learning more about contemporary art from curators, artists, and cultural workers. Often events are connected to the projects that PIA funds. PIA also produces tours of exhibits at our major art institutions, private collections, and art fairs.

Curated art trips: PIA plans a minimum of two trips a year. Led by a curator, art trips have toured throughout Canada, North America and Europe. PIA also offers day-trips to regional arts centres, and annual trips to New York. These trips tend to have a capacity of approximately 30 members, and participation is decided based on a lottery system to ensure equitable access to offerings.

Tax Receipts: Members receive a tax receipt for the maximum eligible amount in accordance with CRA rules.