Art Exhibitions 2020

September 27, 2020Events

Tau Lewis, Opus (The Ovule), 2020, at Cooper Cole until Nov. 28, 2020

Until Nov. 8, 2020

Art Toronto Online: This year, Art Toronto will truly be Canada’s art fair. Looking beyond the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Art Toronto 2020 will feature a strong online presence including virtual exhibitions, curated collections, talks, tours, and more.

Until Nov. 8, 2020

Diane Arbus: Photographs, 1956–1971 at the AGO: Featuring 150 photographs, the striking black and white photographs of legendary American photographer Diane Arbus (1923–1971) revolutionized portraiture, through their range of subjects and their style.

Until Nov. 14, 2020

Way Lost at Patel Brown Projects: Canadian-painter Kim Dorland presents an expansive, biographical solo-exhibition exploring on the power and fragility of nature, and its parallels to our own mental well-being.

Until Nov. 17, 2020

Graham Gillmore at General Hardware: General Hardware presents The End of Eloquence, a solo exhibition of recent paintings by iconic Canadian artist Graham Gillmore, whose work maintains a tenuous balance between sarcasm and sincerity, clarity and confusion, intimacy and distance.

Until Nov. 28, 2020

Tau Lewis at Cooper Cole: Cooper Cole presents Triumphant Alliance of the Ubiquitous Blossoms of Incarnate Souls, Tau Lewis’ first solo exhibition at the gallery. For this presentation, Lewis explores desires for abundance, safety, deep roots, and justice.

Until Nov. 30, 2020

A Matter of Taste (Virtual Exhibition) at the Koffler Gallery: A Matter of Taste is a digital exhibition that uses food, and the cultures that surround it, to examine our relationships to one another, society and the world at large.