PIA issues updated COVID-19 policies

August 29, 2022News Releases

TORONTO, Aug. 29, 2022 – As of Mar. 2022, the Province of Ontario has lifted mask mandates and proof of vaccination in public spaces. In-person events and trips have been reinstated, and we encourage all members to wear masks in accordance with their personal preferences. While masks are no longer required by law, nor by most of the venues we will visit, we encouraged all members to wear masks in accordance with their own personal preferences.

For all events and meetings, PIA will defer to the host organization if there are any special requirements, ie. if masks are required for whatever circumstance. This will be communicated to all attendees prior to meeting. We hope for your continued patience as we keep our communities’ safety still at the forefront. 

PIA will continue offering arts funding via our Project Development Committee as per our funding guidelines and will work closely with partnering organizations to keep up to date on changing plans, dates, and educational opportunities. The safety of our members and community is our top priority as we follow the lead of Ontario public health authorities.