PIA announces winner of 2023-2024 Special Project: OCAD U + Global Centre for Climate Action (GCCA)

June 13, 2023News Releases

TORONTO, Jun. 13, 2023: Partners in Art (PIA) is thrilled to announce that it has selected OCAD University’s new Global Centre for Climate Action’s (GCCA) Inaugural Exhibit as the recipient of this year’s Special Project Grant for $150,000. 

This one time grant will support the Reclaim, Refresh, Regenerate exhibit and will bring together cultural leaders in climate action including BIPOC artists, designers and local educators who are changing the way we think about climate, community, land and shared spaces through an ecological lens. With this investment, PIA aims to help elevate the role of ‘the artist’ in exploring, communicating, and finding solutions for climate challenges that have traditionally been the purview of the technocrat. Our belief in the power of the artist to effect meaningful change is boldly represented by Reclaim, Refresh, Regenerate and PIA’s members are excited to offer our support for this ambitious new research initiative by one of Toronto’s leading art institutes.

PIA was drawn to this exciting exhibition series for several reasons, including the fact that it will be displayed in the remarkable, refurbished Canada Malting Silos at Bathurst and Queens Quay in Toronto, helping to create a thriving artistic hub that will transform Toronto’s waterfront; that this inaugural project presents a one of a kind opportunity to support OCAD U at a lead sponsorship level in its ambitious initiative to tackle climate change research; that the public setting of the exhibits will result in extensive community outreach and provide educational opportunities to all Torontonians and finally, that this project includes a significant BIPOC focused list of artists and collaborators.

Reclaim, Refresh, Regenerate will include nine public-facing projects that will be programmed starting in the Fall of 2023 through to Summer 2024. Programming includes outdoor installations, projections, artist talks, and workshops and will challenge the way we think about community, land and shared spaces.

Learn more about PIA by visiting partnersinart.ca or following @partnersinartcanada on Instagram. For more about OCAD U’s GCCA visit  https://www.ocadu.ca/research/global-centre-for-climate-action