2018 Project

Tatzu Nishi: Life’s Little Worries of Sir Adam Beck

Artist: Tatzu Nishi

Location: The Adam Beck Memorial, Queen St W and University Ave

Partner: Prefix

Partners in Art is thrilled to sponsor Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art as they present the first public art installation in Canada by renowned Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi. Known worldwide for his extraordinary urban interventions, Nishi casts public monuments in a strikingly different light. Building upon historical monuments in unexpected ways, he offers a fresh perspective to the casual passerby, replacing the monument’s distance and formality with a new and unexpected twist.

For his Canadian premiere, Nishi will delicately balance a stack of objects upon the head of Sir Adam Beck at his eponymous memorial in downtown Toronto. Each of the objects has been chosen for its relevance to contemporary life in Toronto. Through this visually stunning and delightfully humorous intervention, Nishi aims to revivify viewers’ relationships with this often-overlooked monument. In the process, he will newly engage visitors with history, commemoration and community.

The project will be accessible to the public 24-hours per day, seven days per week, from September 5–30, 2018. For more information, please visit prefix.ca