2010 Project

Breaking Boundaries

Artist: Shary Boyle, Marc Courtemarche, Carmela Laganse and Brendan Tang

Curator: Charles Q. Mason

Location: Toronto

Partner: Gardiner Museum

Duration: October 7, 2010 – January 30, 2011

Partners in Art was the lead sponsor for the Gardiner Museum’s Breaking Boundaries exhibit, which launched the re-branding of the museum in October 2010. Breaking Boundaries featured experimental conceptual work that resonates on both personal and universal levels by exploring how memories, experiences and assumptions condition our perception of ourselves and our world. It showcased four Canadian artists under the age of 40: Shary Boyle, Marc Courtemarche, Carmela Laganse and Brendan Tang, whose works illustrate a variety of cross-disciplinary approaches to contemporary ceramic art. Each of these artists approaches ceramics from a unique perspective and integrates clay with other materials in different ways. Their work collectively makes a strong case that ceramics remain a vital and relevant part of contemporary art practice in the 21st century.