Video still of The Wanderer standing beside the Lachine Canal, Quebec

A Sense of Site

A Sense of Site

A Sense of Site bought together 12 contemporary artists who are working in response to diverse settings and within communities across the land. While their approach to art making varies, common ground was found in a re-examination of dialogue with the natural world in the face of present-day issues such as climatic crises, the legacies of colonialism, and the complex relationship between nationhood and cultural identity. In addressing concepts of place, environment, and belonging, these artists looked to subject matter of shared importance while highlighting the role of art as a catalyst for discourse and social change.

 A Sense of Site drew upon the curatorial framework of Landmarks2017/Repères2017, a cross-Canada project that invited the public to explore and deepen their connection to the land through a series of commissioned contemporary art works presented in Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites.

Artists: Michael Belmore, Rebecca Belmore, Chris Clarke and Bo Yeung, Raphaëlle de Groot, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Maureen Gruben, Ursula Johnson, Cheryl L’Hirondelle and Camille Turner, Douglas Scholes, and Jin-me Yoon.

 Landmarks2017/Repères2017 was created by Partners in Art.

A Sense of Sight is based on the curatorial framework of Landmarks2017/Repères2017

Student work inspired by Rebecca Belmore's Wave Sound

Ursula Johnson's motif graces the walls of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.