Equity and Inclusion

Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Partners in Art (PIA) is a volunteer membership organization that supports art, artists, and organizations to provide thoughtful and challenging perspectives on our world.

We recognize that racism, systematic inequities, and colonialism in Canada present ongoing challenges in our society. We strive to take this into account in our funding by supporting projects that:

  • Honour diverse and complex cultures
  • Challenge both historical and ongoing traumas
  • Illuminate the creativity of artists from underrepresented communities
  • Celebrate the past, present and future achievements of all people of Canada

We are committed to:

  • Respectful dialogue and ethical engagement with artists, audiences and communities
  • Building a more diverse membership within PIA
  • Advancing equity and inclusion within the governance of the organization
  • Adhering to PIA values and our Code of Ethics Respect and Responsibility Agreement

Ethics and Respect Agreement

PIA members are expected to adhere to the core values of the organization and to this Ethics and Respect Agreement.  

PIA members are committed to respectful, ethical, and responsible conduct in all meetings, administrative processes, and governance of the organization.


  • We treat each other and members of our broader arts community with dignity and respect. 
  • We value diversity of voices, opinions and perspectives, and welcome respectful debate and dissent, and champion inclusivity. 
  • We do not tolerate racism, discrimination, bullying, defamation, harassment or victimisation. This includes, but is not limited to, discriminatory or abusive language, micro aggression, and dismissive language or behaviour.      
  • We acknowledge that our work is voluntary and that we seek to understand each other through candid and constructive conversation.   
  • We do not make assumptions regarding the identities, backgrounds, socio-economic status, capabilities, and beliefs of others. We make every effort not to use language that assumes or infers anyone’s identity.

 Ethical Behaviour  

  • We are committed to respectful, ethical, and responsible conduct in all meetings, administrative processes and governances of the organization.
  • We are committed to inclusive, respectful, and ethical engagement with artists, audiences, and communities.
  • We are expected to declare any potential and perceived conflicts of interest that might preclude our participation in a funding decision. 
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of artists.
  • We will keep all non-public information held by PIA, and non-public decisions made by the PIA, confidential.
  • We will abide by PIA policies and procedures, which members can access through the members’ side website.


  • We take responsibility for our behaviour and conduct in meetings and discussions. 
  • We take responsibility for carrying out our commitments, and for communicating in a timely fashion, if changing circumstances preclude continuing membership on a committee or completion of commitments.  
  • PIA takes responsibility to acknowledge, and try to resolve, any disrespectful or unethical behaviours brought to the attention of the leadership and/or the Chairs of the Equity and Inclusion Committee. We invite you to privately report or seek confidential advice, for any such behavior you might have seen or experienced to report@partnersinart.ca (who will reach the Chair of the Board of Directors), or alternatively to equity@partnersinart.ca (who will reach the Co-Chairs of the Equity and Inclusion Committee).


We recognize that this is a living document, and we are committed to receiving feedback and further refinement of this document as PIA moves forward.  

“PIA has played an important role within the cultural landscape here in Canada, through their support of a multiplicity of exhibitions and projects, but also through the way they support diverse avenues and channels through which to access those projects, which is very much aligned with our vision here at The Power Plant.”

Nabila Abdel Nabi
Curator, The Power Plant

“We are so lucky! Partners in Art are ‘game-shifters’. They have adopted the contemporary art scene, raising critical dollars with ever chic style and strategic savvy. PIA enables organizations such as OCAD, MOCCA, The Power Plant (the list goes on) to flourish..and with their leverage..to support an exchange of ideas, the internationalization of the Toronto scene and new commissions. Thank-you Partners in Art– you are extreme philanthropists.”

Sara Diamond
OCAD, President

“Partners in Art makes an extraordinary contribution to the aesthetic culture of our community by being true partners with leading edge arts organizations and helping them to realize and communicate new ideas. PIA is an enlightened and enlightening group of patrons!”

Gail Dexter Lord
Co-President, Lord Cultural Resources