Mission and Values

Our Mission

Partners in Art is a Canadian charitable organization that funds and champions contemporary visual art through philanthropy, volunteerism and education.

Our Vision

The following vision statement articulates the aspirations of Partners in Art. The Statement describes its ideal future – what it wants, and the impact it will have on the arts community.

Advance contemporary visual art through philanthropic leadership.

Our Values

These values statements list the principles that guide and direct PIA and its organizational culture.


Uphold our distinctive model of volunteerism and philanthropy for the arts, which is unique in Canada.


Create a welcoming and equitable environment for all members and project partners, as well as support and value diverse perspectives.


Maintain transparency for our members and external stakeholders with regards to funding, operations and governance.


Cultivate an environment of respect within our membership and with our partners.


Support an open dialogue and exchange of ideas with regards to project selection, and embrace differing perspectives and experiences.


Remain at arms length from any one funder or institution to support a wide breadth of innovative projects.


PIA’s mission to “champion contemporary art, artists and arts organizations to provide thoughtful perspectives on our world” may at times associate PIA with controversial points of view, opinions and activism of the diverse individuals and groups that PIA presents and supports. The views expressed by these individuals and organizations are their own and do not necessarily reflect policies or points of view of PIA or of members. We will continue to strive to meet our core principles of tolerance, the health of dissent, freedom of association, and freedom of expression.

“PIA has played an important role within the cultural landscape here in Canada, through their support of a multiplicity of exhibitions and projects, but also through the way they support diverse avenues and channels through which to access those projects, which is very much aligned with our vision here at The Power Plant.”

Nabila Abdel Nabi
Curator, The Power Plant

“We are so lucky! Partners in Art are ‘game-shifters’. They have adopted the contemporary art scene, raising critical dollars with ever chic style and strategic savvy. PIA enables organizations such as OCAD, MOCCA, The Power Plant (the list goes on) to flourish..and with their leverage..to support an exchange of ideas, the internationalization of the Toronto scene and new commissions. Thank-you Partners in Art– you are extreme philanthropists.”

Sara Diamond
OCAD, President

“Partners in Art makes an extraordinary contribution to the aesthetic culture of our community by being true partners with leading edge arts organizations and helping them to realize and communicate new ideas. PIA is an enlightened and enlightening group of patrons!”

Gail Dexter Lord
Co-President, Lord Cultural Resources