PIA Committees


Co-Presidents Arlett Tygesen + Antonella Vergati, and all PIA committee chairs and co-chairs

Art Activates

Co-Chairs Ruba Abboud + Mimi Joh

Jocelyn Barford, Catherine Bradley, Rebecca Carbin, Mimi Joh, Alison McDonald, Martha Reeve


Chair Heather Gotlieb

Heli Donaldson, Patricia Folger, Elizabeth Lawler, Jodi Stodgell, Louise Sugar, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, Kate Wivell


Chair Jocelyn Hidi

Samantha Lloyd, April Solman


Co-chairs Judy Jarvis + Julie Osborne

Ruba Abboud, Jocelyn Barford, Sharon Baruch, Sharon Berlin, Catherine Bradley, Leah Carey, Jacquelynn Hinks, Ruth Keilty, Linda Jamieson, Judy Jarvis, Elizabeth Lawler, Hesty Leitag, Carol Lloyd-Pinnington, Susan Maidment, Mary-Ann Metrick, Alison McDonald, Lisa McLean, Julie Osborne, Merle Rosenhek, Jennet Sandler, Alexa Samuels, Joanie Sternthal, Shannon Taneja, Leslie Tuer, Antonella Vergati, Kate Wivell, Robin Young.


Co-Chairs Laurel Archibald + Claire Duckworth

Fundraising Corporate Sponsorship

Co-Chairs Michelle Meneley + Anne Morash

Fundraising Individual Giving

Chair Jill Reitman


Co-chairs Nicole Jolly + Elizabeth Lawler

Lori Elder, Jill Moris, Birgitte Sigfridsson-Harquail, Louise Sugar, Shannon Taneja

Project Development

Co-chairs Jennifer Morton, Jennifer Young + Caroline Laxton

Mary Bartlett, Sharon Baruch, Catherine Bradley, Joan Burgess, Lynn Factor, Shelley Fisher, Yvonne Fleck, Dana Heitner, Jocelyn Hidi, Beth Horowitz, Lynn Hubbs, Judy Jarvis, Caroline Laxton, Janice Lewis, Lorraine Loeb, Kornelia Milborne, Jill Reitman, Merle Rosenhek, April Solman, Joan Sternthal & Antonella Vergati          

Special Events

Co-chairs Elizabeth Lawler + Lisa McLean


Co-chairs Lynn Damp + Martha Reeve

Elizabeth Lawler, Caroline Laxton, Marie-Claire Roche, Hesty Leibtag & Kate Zeidler

Operations Manager

Jenna Faye Powell

Collaborate on a committee

Members interested in becoming more involved in PIA should email admin@partnersinart.ca and join a committee.