PIA Committees


Co-Presidents Elizabeth Lawler + Lauren Charyk Silverberg and all PIA committee chairs and co-chairs


Co-chairs Lorraine Loeb + Vlad Spicanovic

Rita Field-Marsham, Beth Horowitz, Lynn Hubbs, Judy Jarvis, Elske Kofman, Elizabeth Lawler, Shabin Mohamed, and Jill Reitman.

Art Activates *

*Equity/Inclusion Subcommittee

Chair Alma Mikulinsky

Jocelyn Barford, Rebecca Carbin, Liz Feld, and Leila Lax.


Co-chairs Jennifer Young + Natalie Green


Co-chairs Shannon Taneja + Laurissa Canavan

Alice Adelkind, Simone Bender, Catherine Bradley, Laurissa Canavan, Lauren Charyk Silverberg, Robbie Cooper, Elske Koffman, Elizabeth Lawler, Ann Leese, Michelle Morin, Julie Osbourne, Merle Rosenhek, Ola Wall, Kate Wivell, and Grace Zeppilli.

Artist-Direct Grant Committee

Co-chairs Farnoosh Talaee + Kate Wivell

Rebecca Carbin, Yvonne Fleck., Lynn Hubbs, Judy Jarvis, Elske Kofman, Kornelia Milborne, Shabin Mohamed, Jennifer Morton, Jill Reitman, Joanne Thring, and Jim Warren.


Co-chairs Helen Poletes + Nancy Tran


Co-Chairs Elske Kofman + Farnoosh Talaee

Deana Feldman, Malka Greene, Nicole Jolly, Barbara Macdonald, Jane Marrone, Alexander McLeod, Jennifer Morton, and Joanne Thring.

Individual Giving

Chair Sheila Sharp

Anne Morash, Arlett Tygesen, Catherine Bradley, Elske Kofman, Heather Gotlieb, Jill Reitman, Judy Jarvis, Leeanne Weld, Lori Elder, Molline Green, Joanne Wildgoose, Colette Barber, Joan Sternthal, and Antonella Vergati.

Corporate Sponsorship

Co-chairs Anne Morash + Arlett Tygesen


Co-chairs Birgitta Harquail-Sigfridsson + Cari Weiss

Alice Adelkind, Lynn Damp, Elske Kofman, Elizabeth Lawler, Alison Nella, Lisa Shiff, Louise Sugar, and Leeanne Weld.

Project Development

Co-chairs Martha Reeve, Caroline Laxton + Sue Howe

Kaye Beeston, Catherine Bradley, Shelley Fisher, Rachael Grad, Natalie Green, Fela Grunwald, Lynn Hubbs, Elske Kofman, Elizabeth Lawler, Lorraine Loeb, Anita Lorelli, Jane Marrone, Kornelia Milborne, Jennifer Morton, Jane Marrone, Jill Reitman, Sheila Sharp, Lesley Stowe, Randi Usher, and Jennifer Young.

Special Events

Co-chairs Heather Regent + Heather Kornya


Co-chairs Jennifer Cooper + Shelley Black

Eileen Farrow, Deana Feldman, Irene Gilligan, Fela Grunwald, Hesty Leibtag, Samantha Lloyd, Shannon Rancourt, Marie Roche Claire, Margaret Steed, Lesley Stowe, Farnoosh Talaee, Joanne Thring, Sally Wright, Kate Zeidler, and Debbie Zemans.


Director of Operations, Jenna Faye Powell

Operations Coordinator, Anahí González

Operations Assistant, Abby Vincent

Join on a committee

Members interested in becoming more involved in PIA should email Jill Morris at committees@partnersinart.ca to inquire about joining a committee.